Using WordPress is one of the smartest thing you can do if you want to manage your time. But we all have one problem: the need of an Internet Connection. Now, this is will not be a problem anymore!

Use WordPress offline!

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Be online without Internet!
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Percentage of the Web

WordPress is used by 59.5% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 26.4% of all websites.it. This diagram shows the market position of WordPress in terms of popularity and traffic compared to the most popular content management systems.

WordPress, long known to be the No. 1 content management system (CMS) in use online, has reached a new milestone: It now powers 25 percent of all sites across the web.

WP percentage of web
WP Platform usage

Platform Usage

We continue to see the same trends in how people are using WordPress. WordPress strictly as a CMS platform is more popular than ever and we are seeing WordPress as a blog and blog hybrid on a slightly downward slope. An interesting statistic for 2013 is a 7% usage of WordPress being used as an application platform, an aspect that aims to be emphasised in future updates.

How We Access It

WordPress is being accessed primarily via the web. However, mobile phone and tablet usage has increased greatly over the last year along with a clear rise in desktop apps becoming a way to experience WordPress.

  • Web 60%
  • iOS Devices 13.5%
  • Android 19.5%
  • Android Tablets 5.7%
  • Desktop App 3.3%

Have Your Heard of WordPress?

29.3% Say YES

29 percent
WP Downloads per Year
WP Downloads Per Day
WP Downloads Per Hour
WP Downloads Per Minute

WordPress it’s my job! I needed a solution for this. Creating posts for later publishing is one of the smartest thing ever created. i’m loving it!

John Adams

Professional Blogger, TechCrunch.com

I always check thing in my WordPress Dashboard, but every link needs Internet Connection. Now I have a snapshot for everything. This is amazing!

Diana King

Wordpress Developer, Smashing Magazine

Wow! Dashboard, posting articles, checking commentaries, reviewing work and much more. WordPressOFF is one of the best app for 2016.

Dan John

Front End Developer, Mashable.com


Now you can post offline!

A Look Into the Future

XML-RPC Support

Wih XML-RPC interface. WordPress has its own implementation for WordPress-specific functionality in an API called the WordPress API. \With WordPress XML-RPC support, you can post to to WordPress blog using many popular different clients. The XML-RPC system can make you post offline.

Offline Posting

WOrdPressOFF will help you create a new post, it will save the content you have created in its cache system and it will wait for an internet connection. In the moment you are connected to a restaurant wireless connection, WordPressOFF will automatically post for you everything.

Compatible with you

It doesn’t matter what WordPress version you are using, it doesn’t matter what operating system is installed on your smarthphone, and it doesnt matter what kind of content you are creating. We support iOS, Android and Windows. You only need to download the app and install it.

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